WWG1WGA has been established as all inclusive PATRIOT Group; all genders; all shapes, all sizes and all perspectives.  If you LOVE your COUNTRY, then your welcome!  We are here to establish a space where we can begin to practice free speech openly, safely and with respect for other opinions outside of our own as well as commune with people who share your views.  We want to have a bidirectional conversation with all open minds, so that together we EVOLVE our KNOWLEDGE together!    Over time we have all become afraid to share our thoughts, afraid to offend someone or hurt someone's feelings... as a result we have forgotten how to interact, how to respectfully debate and co-create new knowledge together. 

Ground Rules; RESPECT for all members should be always considered; not to the point of worry to hurt feelings if someone doesn't agreed your opinion, but we do not need to spit venom at one another, call names or CLOSE down a conversation because you don't agree.  Phrases like "YOUR DUMB", YOU DON"T LISTEN" or any derogatory attacks will result in immediate addressing of the "HURTFUL" interactions and if it continues the Attacker will be asked to leave for the remainder of the day.  We will NOT ban a person from the channel, forums or group; unless the person is repeatedly asked to leave and doesn't stop the hurtful behavior.  

We WILL ALWAYS talk to all parties involved in a disagreement and will not blindly kick, ban or time-out any individual without a personal conversation.  EVERYONE deserves RESPECT and we will conduct ourselves with that one principal at all times; everything else is up for discussion.  This space is for everyone's betterment; WWG1WGA!

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