Better Business Clearer Conscience 

Imagine if you would a business model that was completely focused on the creators and the consumer; where neither were concerned with margin or discount, because they both were completely satisfied with their role.  An environment that is always fair and open to all involved; people are excited to go to work because they feel that they accomplish something every day and they are rewarded for every hour of effort they contribute. Clients enjoy their interaction with every member of the organization, because they are treated with appreciation and respect.  There is a mutual collaboration in providing that specific service or product the client needs, without worry of being taken advantage of by either side.  The company is the client's advocate and in return the client is glad to contribute to the company's profits.  There is no longer energy spent in validating contracts nor is there a concern that the service or product will not be satisfactory.  If ever there was a problem with the service or product the company would correct or replace, no questions asked or cost to the consumer.  Because of this care and advocacy, the consumer would never think of going to any other company for this service or product.  The consumer would then become an advocate to the company by mentioning this incredible company to everyone they know.  This word of mouth referrals minimizes advertising expenses and allows the company to focus more on their clients, which increase in numbers on a monthly basis.  The growth is organic and allows the company to build at a constant pace, maintaining a stable and evolving operating model.


As for the individuals within the company; they are also freed from worry of fairness since everyone knows everyone's salary.  Jobs would be compensated based on responsibility, the more responsibility the more compensation.  Those who assumed responsibility for taking out the trash, would be compensated for their efforts. Each member of the organization would be a stockholder and would have a vote at determining policies, investments and strategies.  It would vote on its leaders and would work as one; no one member would be important, just allocated to different responsibilities.  If there were certain members of the staff that were not doing their share; it would not be management that would need to discipline the individual, but all the members of the organization would take action and would not allow the individual to continue their low productivity level and would have the power to sponsor their removal.  Respect and honesty are held in the highest of regards; there is no room for hidden agendas or office politics.


Since people spend so many hours of their life working their working environment would be completely designed around their comfort, creativity and empowerment.  As much as possible, their personal needs would be accommodated; child care, healthy and quality dining, health and exercise facilities, serene areas for quiet contemplation and down time.  Because the individuals are treated with respect, appreciation and love their productivity is phenomenal and managers are mentors and caregivers to their teams.


Through the years the business world has become more and more short sided; we have forgotten what is important and it is more about who can get the most in the shortest amount of time.  No matter the industry, businesses are completely obsessed with margin and building bigger.  It is because of this rush to the top, that almost every company is top heavy and the lack of focus on the very individuals that make up the company.  Outsourcing, Off Shoring, Near Shoring, Consolidating, Reorganizing, Acquiring and Splitting off are all common day activities of today's businesses; none of which have any consideration for the individuals that are no longer with purpose or worse, without employment.


There is a better way and it is not an impossible model.  Instead of focusing on the brass ring, the brass ring is a by-product of a harmonious relationship.…BBCC.  This concept isn't new, nor alien in practice, just mostly forgotten and it's long over due to be practiced; that said I freely bring what I have done for my own companies, numerous fortune 500 companies and know that combined with YOUR ideas and experiences, this small shift in focus can be the WHOLE NEW way of building a better tomorrow TOGETHER. 





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