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Who is Q to Me and WHY do I believe?


Being a “TRUTH SEEER” has never been an easy job, in fact if I had a dollar for every time it got me in trouble for speaking truth, I would be rich.  My experience has been that instead of people appreciating the insight or the concern you have for them to want to help them through a difficult situation (usually one they can’t admit to themselves), people run away, discredit and attack you on a daily basis.  EVEN though, YOU KNOW and the TRUTH haunts you, eventually you learn that IGNORANCE is BLISS for the masses and YOU sit in your silent screams. I was beginning to think I was an alien or something, sent here to be tortured with this knowing that everyone else would rather just go away.

THEN I decided to go looking on my own, outside of the normal Mainstream Media, outside of the standard agenda; even though I was told by everyone I was only looking for trouble.  They didn't understand why I needed to know more, as if I knew there was more... I just couldn't answer why I knew or why I was driven to find more answers for myself.  That's when other TRUTH SEEERS began to show up on a thing called INDEPENDENT Media, I learned of people like Alex Jones and Dr. Jerome Corsi, then groups like Anonymous, YT channels AntiSchool, AntiMedia, James Munder, SGT… the list grew every week.  That’s when I started to get excited that TRUTH was catching on, but I was still out here alone, watching remotely, leaving comments and yearning to be in the same room with these people; FINALLY, my people.  I approached a few and they of course ran the other way; who was this over excited stranger lavishing them with compliments like a crazy person.  Every episode, I learned, I opened my eyes to the possibilities; filtered those things that inspired and stepped passed those things that didn’t resonate… I was evolving.

THEN, I found the chans, SO MUCH independent thought, so much Independent minds, it was amazing, but yet, I was still one VERY small piece of a now huge and limitless ocean of information.  Every post, every lurking I followed I learned, I still couldn’t get this voice out of my head, this drive that wouldn’t stop haunting me… BE with your PEOPLE, help them do what they need to do, BE the CHANGE.  BUT, with so many directions, so many different fragments… how was I, one tiny spec going to do anything for anyone… other than advance my own knowledge and… confidence…. and awareness…


It was at that moment in my own personal path that I started believing myself, my intuitions, the divine guidance that brought me to this moment of understanding my superpower of Truth Knowing.  I realized that I am surrounded by the VERY people that I had been praying to find, feeling them out there and calling for their presence…. And THEY WERE HERE!  I found them listening to my favorite channels, on my various media outlets… and WE were ALL listening to Q.  I COULD see that WE were all focused on the same Q questions, finding the same Q answers, encouraging one another to look deeper, supporting one another to push further…. AND FOR WHAT?!?!  FOR FREEDOM!  I found I am TRULY experiencing in real life the GO ONE, GO ALL philosophy; unlike I had been able to stumble upon until now.

Q has given me HOPE that someone REMEMBERS that I am here; that I am important enough to talk to… whether it is intended to me or not.   Q has also reminded me that this is all MUCH BIGGER than ALL of us, BUT because of ALL OF US we have the POWER to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

If that isn’t REAL, nothing is!  Go One, Go ALL!




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