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The Great Awakening ... aka Tidal Wave of Knowledge with nowhere to go; pressure building

Wow, what a ride! From October to now, there are really no words to describe the experience other than, mind blown.  Don't get me wrong, I am so appreciative for the experience and the ultimate growth in my own development because of all the ups, downs and all around expansion of brain matter.

Because of these last few months, I now find myself grateful that my life until now was so horrific to prepare me for the awareness of the REAL world around us.  I personally knew it was bad, but I always thought it couldn't be worse than I had been exposed to, boy was I wrong.  As dark and twisted as the world I knew, there were so many more layers beyond my comprehension.  Part of my ignorance was that I was brought up on the deep state side, then thought had escaped to the deep religious state, which had it share of control and limited access to the outside world.  Once I came back to "real reality" and had full control of my exposures, I found it was REALLY BAD!  Without dragging everyone through a series of "Lorrie Stories", for now, but like many of us I too have had to endure and be witness of more pain and loss than most, but not more than all and nowhere near the worst of us. 

In kind of a twisted version of Forest Gump, I can share stories from one end of the spectrum of horrors that could be experienced in one lifetime; from hiding from military gorillas (soldiers) who came to raid our home & take us to Nicaragua jail because they didn't like Daddy pulling big white blocks out of the ocean and flying them out in his plane back to US, from watching my mom get of breast implants to save her marriage (and didn't) and ultimately die slowly with over 10 different diseases with no acknowledgement of accountability from anyone, caring and loving an ultimate victim of murder that was cast aside and completely put on trial during his killer's murder trial for a lifetime of trying to be an exact replica of his father, seeing so many people leave this existence has become a regular thing in my world; starting with all my mother's family gone before I arrived, my kindergarten teacher died in my arms of a heart attack, my Sr. Class English Teacher died in front of us of heart attack, 9 friends killed my Sr. Year (4 leaving my home) - continued through last year when 8 friends & family left, to personally surviving more than I can remember rapes & molestations from age 1-30 yrs, ultimately resulting in a hysterectomy at 16 yrs old... I'm 48 now... and those are of course just the highlights.   I am not highlight any of these items for pity or sorrow, but to understand a little of the "bad" a little from my perspective.

To survive the various adventures, my intuition (awareness of truth) and overactive "feelings" had to be turned off, sometimes deny it existed if it popped up or sometimes just bold face lie to survive.  I wonder if all that was to turn us off so that we were too busy to see what else was going on?  Well... I was completely blind to anything and if I did lift my head for a moment, I would sway with the masses... life was too hard to fight, easier to go with the flow.  BUT, even though it was "easier", it didn't feel right, I always was a little buck in the system always a cog in the wheel because I couldn't help but question one piece of something.   Truth wasn't really appreciated for any length of time, unless I was consulted and only in very specific situations... i.e. where they are paying $350/hr LOL.

That all said, a few years ago, a bright light of my daughter happened and because of it, I was forced to care about the world around me and I began to awaken, learn and ultimately turn on my "abilities" again.  As part of the knowing process, it has caused me to WAKE UP also personally; to remember, experience and process the wrongs that were done to me... but during a time I couldn't understand, nor process.. thus stuck in there, never free to go anywhere.  In order for me to focus on the information coming in by the mountains, I had to work through my own stuff, clear the air and open the bookshelves for new info.  Something I have had to remember is that unless we "FEEL IT", we can never "HEAL IT", it gets stuck in there and rots like a cancer and potentially affects every aspect of your life from that moment on... that is the SEED OF CONTROL that unless you even know it was put there, you can NEVER finally deal with it. 

Of course, dealing with our feelings, our inner soft parts is the exact last thing we want to do.. look at all the distractions, substances/chemicals & professions dedicated to "forgetting" or changing your mood, etc.  BUT unless we let out the pressure of these deep seeded Pains, which is completely subjective to each of us individually, then we can't ultimately move on and deal with new problems at hand... I think that may of been one of the tactics all along.  Keep us so miserable, that we spend every waking moment trying to do everything we can do to FEEL BETTER... that we can't barely look up, let alone become our own detectives, news journalists, activists, or lawyers to save the world.  WELL, in talking to some of my loved ones & friends, seems like not only us folks here online but EVERYONE is going through a personal purge of sorts... and I think its on purpose... EVOLUTION!!!

BECAUSE, I believe the next step is for US to SOLVE this big ole mystery that the pages have been given to us... just in different volumes, languages, different context and different characters with different and alternative names; all made a total mess to confuse and hide in plain site.  BUT, with our new clear and expanded minds, we are so much more STRONG and AWARE to step into the accountability that we all have been dodging.  Take control of this country will take everyone one of us standing up and taking an active role in our local communities, state or even federal level positions; BE THE CHANGE... literally. 

When we "Un power" these people, there will be a void AND just like ISIS, we can't let the Dark fill the void... so that means WE the People have to fill the new vacancies, period.  SO WAKE UP, your country needs you!  What are you going to do?


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