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Wow, what a ride! From October to now, there are really no words to describe the experience other than, mind blown.  Don't get me wrong, I am so appreciative for the experience and the ultimate growth in my own development because of all the ups, downs and
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la l la la
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  Being a “TRUTH SEEER” has never been an easy job, in fact if I had a dollar for every time it got me in trouble for speaking truth, I would be rich.  My experience has been that instead of people appreciating the insight or the concern you have for them
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Identity Politics = If you are black you have to think X If you are gay you have to think X If you are transgender you have to think X If you are conservative you have to think X And on and on..... What is wrong with this picture?  If you see a black perso
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Freedom of Speech is something that we all love, yet it is attacked on a daily basis.  We are here to defend it, I feel that I am moved to defend it for both the Right and the Left, both Liberal and Conservative. Defending everyone's ability to speak freel
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