About Us
Hi my PATRIOT FRIENDS! We want to personally let you know about a new project WE just started called Truth-B-Known; it’s a new Social Media Platform being built for Patriots by Patriots; dedicated to empowering each of us with the tools, platform and connectivity we need in a safe and NON- CENSORED environment that we control, period. That said, we have created a place where FREE SPEECH is welcomed and PRACTICED. We don’t mean just sometimes practiced or practiced of you have a special license or practiced until we don’t like what you are saying; NO, what we mean is, SAY what you want, share what information you want; just know that there are always consequences, like someone may not agree or someone may have a different opinion. JUST be ready to interact and come to a common understanding. Sharing of views isn’t a threat, it’s empowering people to know more information, empowering each other and building a stronger tomorrow. Our goal is to not ban anyone, ever, we want everyone to have a place they can begin to practice our Constitutional Rights, and if we don’t start now, we will never know how to interact with this thing we keep saying we want to have. If you become obnoxious, we will put you in timeout, but will never ban you…. Of course, there could be exceptions to this rule if pushed and the community demands it, but… hoping that never happens; that’s the beauty of a democracy, everyone is free to build the reality collectively, so it’s unique every time. I know, lots of words, but wanted to make sure YOU KNEW of the new place, no separation in our various projects… just advancing the cause to start focusing on the TOMORROW we want to BE! Come join the ground floor of the PATRIOT platform newly known as Truth-B-Known. The site is up and we are working on our own branded chat/communication program for everyone’s phones, etc. Lots coming, so please come back also anything you want to see that would aid you in your own activism, please just let us know, we will work to get it added if we can. TOGETHER we are INVINCIBLE!!! Https://truth-b-known.com MUCH LOVE!!! WWG1WGA!!!
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