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28.12.2018 0 comments From TBKAdmin — Welcome to the official JustInformed Talk website, ( Get your daily news and opinionated analysis...
01.12.2018 0 comments From TBKAdmin — The Corporate Propaganda Antidote
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Sometimes we just need to get away and for me any many of us, music is my escape.  Whether I am working, playing or just chilling I almost have music playing if not something is wrong.   That said, making a place to discuss, share and play all sounds waves.  Many of us are into all kinds of genres, …
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20.07.2018 From TinAnneCity
There is so much about Q-Anon that needs to be talked about, collected, reviewed and then talked about again.  I believe most of us are past the discussion if Q is real, so we can pass that debate and get on to doing something with it and that is what this group is intended for.  Not expecting to kn…
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01.07.2018 From TinAnneCity
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WWG1WGA has been established as all inclusive PATRIOT Group; all genders; all shapes, all sizes and all perspectives.  If you LOVE your COUNTRY, then your welcome!  We are here to establish a space where we can begin to practice free speech openly, safely and with respect for other opinions outside …
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10.01.2019 From TBKAdmin
Cross Discord, Site & Interest Patriot News & Event Channel & Site (in the future).  A place to practice the concepts of Respect, Free Speech & WWG1WGA!
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